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Our unique training programme offers courses on how to apply accessibility principles to eLearning content created using a variety of authoring tools. We also specialise in Articulate 360 accessibility training and deliver courses to raise awareness and implement digital accessibility.

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Testing and auditing

We offer an innovative approach to testing and auditing the accessibility of learning content. Tailoring our solutions to the level of accessibility required, the authoring tool used and the existing experience of our clients allows us to provide a uniquely targeted and cost-effective service.

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Our Learning & Development experience and accessibility expertise make us the leading providers of eLearning accessibility consultancy. We offer a range of consultancy packages with different levels of support designed to meet all of your eLearning accessibility needs.

Designing Accessible Learning Content

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Considered the ‘standard work in our field’ and ‘a must read for all eLearning professionals’, Designing Accessible Learning Content by eLaHub Director Susi Miller is a comprehensive guide to ensuring learning content conforms to best-practice accessibility standards and complies with legal requirements.

“Every eLearning designer needs this book on their desk! So much of the accessibility guidance out there is written for programmers and assumes you are creating websites. Finally, we have a resource just for us! This book will save you countless hours of frustratingly confusing research. Susi Miller’s  masterful reference guide on eLearning accessibility demystifies everything from why accessibility matters all the way down to complying with each individual WCAG standard. Complete with clear language explanations and helpful screen captures,  you’ll finally have the answers you’ve been searching for.”

Diane Elkins
Co-Owner Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered


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“eLaHub’s consultancy was invaluable and made us totally re-evaluate our approach to accessibility. As our customers wake up to the need for inclusive learning content Susi’s help and advice has really paid off. Accessibility has become one of our most successful selling points.”

Simon Greany, Chief Learning Officer, Elucidat

“A brilliant and very memorable digital accessibility session. We loved the way Susi built empathy. She really got the group to see beyond the technical guidelines to understand the human impact. Really powerful. Brilliant facilitation and design skills.”

Shradha Tangadpalliwar, Senior Accessibility & Usability Consultant, AbilityNet

“It was a privilege to be trained by eLaHub. Susi’s knowledge of making eLearning products accessible is incredible. I appreciated her training delivery skills, enormous dedication to the work and invaluable feedback.”

Christie Calahan, Director of Marketing, eLearning Brothers

“Susi did a fantastic job presenting how to make accessible eLearning interactive. The feedback from clients has been amazing. That’s why we’re delighted to have her back speaking at our company conference. She is a fan favourite!”

Marina Pirotta, Former head of employee engagement and internal communications, Westminster City Council

“eLaHub’s ‘First steps in implementing digital accessibility’ training was practical, clear and brilliantly useful. It’s helped to transform the way we communicate at WCC.”

Kasia Koniec, University of Southampton

“As well as being fully accessible and shortlisted for the Learning Technologies Best Learning Technologies Project Award, eLaHub’s eLearning module has transformed the induction experience of pre-sessional students and staff at the university.”

Anita Harper, Operations Director, Haremi Ltd

“Susi developed and led a bespoke accessibility training workshop for Haremi. She was really helpful in tailoring the workshop to our specific needs and everyone found it extremely informative and interesting. Susi is a fount of knowledge on eLearning accessibility. It’s great to work with her.”

Ruby Beagan, Account Director, Thursday Digital Design Agency

“eLaHub delivered a fantastic agency-wide digital accessibility awareness raising workshop for us. We’d highly recommend reaching out to Susi if you have any accessibility questions or would like to widen your organisation’s knowledge in this area.”

Sabine de Kamps, Instructional Design Team Leader, Virtual College

I absolutely love eLaHub’s resources section. It’s such a brilliant idea and it provides very good and in-depth information. I especially love the easy-to-understand way of presenting information, the examples and all the additional resources. At last there is a place where people can find information about eLearning accessibility!”

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