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Our unique training programme offers courses on how to apply accessibility principles to eLearning content created using a variety of authoring tools. We also provide organisational awareness raising and implementing digital accessibility training.

A man wearing glasses and a hearing aid looks at an iphone screen

Testing and auditing

We offer an innovative approach to testing and auditing the accessibility of learning content with a variety of approaches to suit different authoring tools, levels of client experience and budgets.

A man with a cognitive and mobility impairment smiles as he uses a touchscreen monitor on his PC.


Our L&D and accessibility expertise and experience make us the leading providers of eLearning accessibility consultancy and support. We specialise in improving not only the accessibility but also the usability of learning content.


Considered the ‘standard work in our field’ Designing Accessible Learning Content is a comprehensive guide to ensuring learning content conforms to best-practice accessibility standards and complies with legal requirements.

Speaking and advocacy

Susi is an industry leading expert on eLearning accessibility and a passionate advocate for digital accessibility. She regularly delivers webinars, podcasts, panel discussions and articles for L&D and accessibility events and publications.

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We specialise in designing and developing fully accessible eLearning. We also support clients by creating learning content from scratch, co-creating content or providing targeted support such as Instructional Design services or a specific accessibility focus.

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