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We can evaluate your current eLearning resources and advise you on how to reach accessibility standards. We can evaluate and update Articulate Storyline resources to make them fully WCAG 2.1 A and AA compliant. We can also develop accessible, yet still engaging and interactive eLearning courses for you.

“The eLearning module has transformed the induction experience of pre-sessional students and staff.”
Kasia Koniec, University of Southampton

Some examples of our work

You can find examples of eLaHub accessible eLearning resources throughout the pages of this website. We’ve added a few of our favourites below, just in case you missed them. 🙂

Accessible Game

(No audio)

Video shows:
A quiz designed to help learners find out how to use the correct recycling bins. The video first shows the quiz designed for mouse users, which uses a drag and drop interaction. The learner drags each item to the correct bin.
The video then shows a manually designed keyboard accessible drag and drop interaction. In this version of the quiz, the learner selects each item from a multiple option list. When they select the item, a tick appears in the box next to the item and it moves on a motion path into the recycling bin. If they make a mistake, they can select the option again. This removes the tick in the box, and it then moves the item out of the recycling bin.

Accessible Quiz

(No audio)

Video shows:
A learner using a keyboard to successfully complete a final knowledge check in an eLearning resource. The learner is able to use the keyboard to navigate through a variety of quiz question formats including a multiple option, true or false and a text entry question. The eLearning resource also includes a drag and drop example which has been manually created. This interaction allows the learner to tab through a series of definitions in order to match it with a correct role. When the learner selects their preferred definition by using the space bar, the option they have selected follows an animation path, which moves it to sit above the role they are trying to match.

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