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We offer an innovative approach to testing and auditing the accessibility of learning content with a variety of approaches to suit different authoring tools, levels of client experience and budgets.

Example testing and auditing services

Overview accessibility report

  • Tests for basic accessibility conformance
  • Includes comprehensive screen reader testing
  • Content tested using standard browsers
  • Accessibility statement support
  • Provides learning recommendations

Collaborative testing

  • Takes client experience and tool knowledge into consideration
  • Tests for accessibility overview or full WCAG 2.1 conformance
  • Provides targeted support e.g. for accessibility statements, audio and video content, mobile or coding standards etc.

Full WCAG 2.1 audit

  • Tests for full conformance to WCAG 2.1 standards
  • Includes extensive assistive technology and browser testing
  • Provides full WCAG 2.1 audit report
  • Provides learning recommendations
  • Provides assured accessibility statement (eg compliant to PSBAR regulations)

Our testing and auditing features

For many years eLearning professionals who wanted to test or audit the accessibility of learning content have had to rely on the services of organisations which specialise in standard website accessibility. In the case of learning content which is generally created using authoring tools this can result in costly reports which focus on coding issues that content authors have little control over.

Our approach at eLaHub is based on our expertise both as eLearning and accessibility experts. We are unique in offering solutions which address both the accessibility and the learning experience of content. We specialise in content created using rapid eLearning authoring tools but also test and audit the accessibility of learning resources such as documents, presentations and video and audio content etc. We also provide PDF services with our industry partners.

This means that our recommendations and solutions for your eLearning testing and auditing are based on a wide range of considerations. It also means that our solutions are bespoke and cost effective. Here are just a few of the things we consider when analysing your eLearning auditing and testing needs and recommending a solution.

What level of conformance do you want to achieve?

Some organisations may need to meet all WCAG 2.1 A and AA standards for legal reasons and therefore need a full audit. Some may have decided that their initial goal is to meet only the basic A standards, and some may be keen to reach the advanced AAA standards. Other organisations may only want recommendations to improve the general accessibility of their learning content.

What authoring tool are you using?

If the authoring tool used to create content has good accessibility and an accessibility conformance statement or a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) this can make it more straightforward to assess the accessibility of the eLearning content. It is also easier and less costly to create an accessibility statement which documents any tool limitations.

What level of eLearning accessibility experience do you already have?

There are many aspects of accessibility testing which can be carried out by eLearning professionals. It may be possible for some of the testing to be done internally to save on cost and develop internal expertise. There may only be certain areas of testing that you need help with, such as coding or mobile requirements.

Are you interested in improving learner experience as well as accessibility?

eLaHub always suggests including recommendations which focus on improving the learner experience. For example there may be accessibility issues such as the type or level of language used, or the clarity of instructions, which are not WCAG violations but which can significantly improve the learning experience for everyone.

How will your learners access the content?

It may be that you know all of your leaners will access the content using a desktop and a particular browser due to their working environment. Or it may be that learners may have access to your content using a wide variety of browsers and a range of devices. This will have an impact on the range and scope of testing which is suggested in your solution package.

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