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WCAG Level AA standards are the intermediate criteria you need to meet to make your eLearning accessible, and to comply with accessibility legislation. On this page we give you links to show you how to meet 5 of the 20 Level AA standards.

“Accessibility can be huge, and it can be overwhelming. Just start wherever you can. Being partially accessible is better than not being accessible at all.”
Kevin Gumienny

eLaHub WCAG Level AA instructions

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WCAG key facts

  • WCAG standards are produced by WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), part of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
  • They are the most comprehensive, and widely used international digital accessibility standards.
  • They are used for accessibility audits, so are pass or fail standards.
  • There are 3 levels of criteria A, AA and AAA.
  • Most legal compliance specifies up to Level AA (this is true in the UK but may not be in other countries).


The instructions we give, are our interpretations of  WCAG standards from an eLearning perspective. To ensure you meet all WCAG 2.1 legal requirements please refer to W3C guidance.

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