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This virtual instructor-led training programme is delivered by industry leading expert Susi Miller. This programme is a targeted ‘fast track’ delivery of the key content from the Designing Accessible Learning Content Programme. It is delivered over two 3.5 hour sessions (fundamentals and further steps). We run open courses targeted to Articulate 360 tools which everyone can access. We also deliver bespoke programmes to organisations which focus on Articulate 360 or other authoring tools.

Accredited training provider

The eLaHub eLearning accessibility programme is fully accredited by the CPD Standards Office. All programme delegates earn 8.5 continuing professional hours and are awarded the status of Certified Accessible Learning Practitioner. Those delegates that go on to pass our follow-up online assessment further benefit from Accredited Accessible Learning Practitioner status.

An additional benefit of our accredited training programmes is that all delegates receive 1 year’s free membership to the CPD Institute. Membership benefits include post-nominal letters, digital badges to publicly signpost commitment to CPD, suggestions for professional development and a Continuing Professional Development Record.

Open eLearning Accessibility Programme for Articulate 360 key features

Training approach

Despite the fact that inclusive design in web development has been a key requirement for many years, it is still an emerging field in the L&D industry. Our eLearning Accessibility rPogramme offers a unique opportunity for learning developers to enhance their skills and improve their employability. The programme is designed to give everyone the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can confidently apply accessibility principles throughout their learning content. It is underpinned by a focus on the most up to date Version 2.2 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards and other best practice recommendations which are most relevant to learning practitioners and have the most significant impact on improving the learner experience.

Authoring tools

Our programme for Articulate 360 is delivered with a focus on both Storyline and Rise. This allows delegates a good understanding of how accessibility can be practically applied using two contrasting approaches to content development and also how principles are easily transferrable to other tools. The training demonstrates examples and some common accessibility pitfalls for each tool. Delegates are referred to existing Articulate step by step instructions for in depth and up to date guidance on specific tool functionality. Previous experience using the tools is therefore not a requirement, neither is access to the tools during the training.

Programme delivery

The programme is delivered via the Zoom platform. As experienced online trainers, we know how difficult it can be to process and retain information which is delivered remotely. As a result we run the programme over two 3.5 hour sessions. Our sessions are engaging and interactive with plenty of opportunity for Q&A and additional support. We also schedule a 10-minute break in each session.

Programme benefits

  • Pre-session learning activities, designed to engage and stimulate delegates on the topic of accessibility for learning experiences before training begins.
  • Best practice accessibility for online delivery.
  • Training delivery by Susi Miller.
  • Technical support from producer throughout training sessions.
  • Comprehensive delegate support notes, with links to full A360 instructions and useful references.
  • Detailed follow up to any questions raised during training.
  • Post-session learning activities.
  • Full CPDSO accreditation for course.
  • Attend the course to gain eLaHub Certified Accessible Learning Practitioner status and digital credential.
  • Complete online follow-up assessment to gain eLaHub Accredited Accessible Learning Practitioner status and digital credential.

Programme content

Session 1 – eLearning accessibility fundamentals for Articulate 360

The purpose of this session is to provide learning practitioners with the background and accessibility knowledge and skills they need in order to be able to design and set up an accessible learning resource. The purpose of this session is to provide learning practitioners with the background and accessibility knowledge and skills they need in order to be able to design and set up an accessible learning experience. The focus of this session is on embedding inclusive design at the very beginning of projects in order to avoid retrofitting accessibility for resources moving forward. The principles and standards covered are also equally relevant for organisations looking to implement strategies to remediate existing content.

  1. Accommodating different types of disabilities and impairments.
  2. Assistive technology fundamentals.
  3. Accessibility statements.
  4. Storyline and Rise tool settings.
  5. Accessible structure and navigation.
  6. Colour contrast.
  7. Designing for assistive technology.
  8. Formatting fundamentals.
  9. Plain Language.

Session 2 – eLearning accessibility further steps for Articulate 360

This session allows learning practitioners to build on fundamental accessibility skills and knowledge in order to confidently apply accessibility to every aspect of their learning solutions. It covers advanced principles of accessibility and shows delegates how to practically implement them. The focus of this session is on topics which are important to provide both an accessible and usable learner experience. There is also an emphasis on avoiding the common learning experience accessibility pitfalls which eLaHub have identified in the many eLearning audits they have carried out.

  1. Accessible audio and video content.
  2. Moving content.
  3. Images.
  4. Information and instructions.
  5. Assessments.
  6. Interactive items.
  7. Testing strategies.
  8. Strategies to deal with accessibility limitations.
  9. Course review and key takeaways.

Open eLearning Accessibility Programme for Articulate 360 FAQS

These are the questions we get asked most often about our eLearning Accessibility Programme. Let us know if you have any more.

How many people will be on the sessions?

We run our eLearning accessibility programme with a maximum of 12 delegates to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to interact, ask questions and contribute to the sessions.

Is the course accessible?

We aim to make our courses as accessible as possible. Captions are provided and a variety of communication options are offered during training sessions to accommodate different access needs. We also ask delegates for information about any specific access needs prior to the course and work with them to accommodate these.

Will I get any course notes?

The course is accompanied by fully accessible course notes with links to Articulate step by step instructions and further resources. These are a useful learning tool and are sent out in advance of the course. Many people also use these notes to form a checklist to help them implement accessibility themselves or within their organisation.

What level of experience do I need?

This course is an entry level introduction so no prior knowledge or experience of accessibility is needed. Some experience of creating eLearning content using Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 or other tools is useful but not essential.

How much does the programme cost?

£575 + UK VAT if applicable for the full programme i.e. both fundamentals and further steps sessions.

We are happy to consider bursaries or discounts for non-profit organisations and social enterprises.

How do I register or find out more?

Use our contact form to let us know you’re interested or if you have any other questions we can help you with.

Full schedule dates for 2024:


eLearning accessibility fundamentals for Articulate 360 – Wednesday 05/06/24 – 1.00pm – 4.30pm BST

eLearning accessibility further steps for Articulate 360 – Wednesday 12/06/24 – 1.00pm – 4.30pm BST


eLearning accessibility fundamentals for Articulate 360 – Wednesday 02/10/24 – 1.00pm – 4.30pm BST

eLearning accessibility further steps for Articulate 360 – Wednesday 09/10/24 – 1.00pm – 4.30pm BST

Organisational eLearning accessibility programme

For any organisation that aspires to provide high quality, accessible learning experiences, eLaHub’s eLearning accessibility programme offers a uniquely targeted and time-efficient solution. The benefit of our organisational programme is that it can be delivered to accommodate the specific needs of our clients and it allows a more targeted focus on organisational processes and concerns.

We most frequently deliver the programme with a focus on Articulate 360 authoring tools but can also create bespoke content for a range of other tools.

A key feature of the programme is an emphasis on how accessibility can enhance the learning experience, rather than being a constraint which limits creativity and design possibilities.

Our organisational programme can be delivered as a stand-alone course or supported with further training, auditing and remediation and targeted consultancy services.

Really excellent accessibility training! It was engaging, interesting and relevant. We really appreciated the perspective of a fellow designer/developer which made it super practical. These sessions will now allow us to lay the foundations for company-wide and systematic action in this area.

Colin Paton

LX Design Manager FARFETCH

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