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At eLaHub we understand that a lot of people think making eLearning accessible, is costly and time consuming. We can show you how an accessibility strategy can tackle both concerns. We can also help you create a strategy, which not only benefits your learners, but gives you a concrete competitive advantage.

“eLaHub helped us to develop our eLearning accessibility strategy. We found Susi’s facilitation very helpful and productive.”
Anna Shaw, Head of Product Development,
Central Law Training, Wilmington plc

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services are very much bespoke, depending on your needs. Our clients often ask us to help them plan an accessible eLearning strategy, but we can help with any requirements.

We often combine consultancy with training. This is because it is important that policy makers understand what is involved in making eLearning accessible. This is even more important, if they need to be fully WCAG 2.1 compliant.

Where are you on the maturity measures scale?

  Maturity measures diagram.

Image shows:
A maturity measures diagram based on information from the US General Services Administration, for Section 508, US digital accessibility regulations.
US GSA: Assessing Section 508 Program Maturity

There are four stages shown on the diagram, starting with the lowest and moving to the highest level of maturity. The first three are considered “At risk”, while the fourth is considered to be “Managing risk”.

  • Level 1
    Ad Hoc
    No formal policies, process or procedures defined.
  • Level 2
    Policies, processes and procedures defined and communicated.
  • Level 3
    Resources committed and/or staff trained to implement policies, processes and procedures.
  • Level 4
    Validation is performed; results are measured and tracked.

Advocacy services

Part of our consultancy work involves advocating accessibility to the eLearning sector. We want to influence the industry to put accessibility at the heart of the eLearning agenda. We want to influence rapid authoring tool providers to factor accessibility into their products. We want to build a community of eLearning professionals who are passionate about accessibility.

We hope that the 2018 Public Sector regulations will eventually have a major impact in making everyone in the industry aware of the importance of accessibility. In the meantime, we think the best strategy is to start at grassroots level. This is why we created

Here is some feedback from the most recent Learning Technologies conference.

“As a result of our discussions, making accessible, is now planned into our road-map.”

Aimee Ward, Marketing Manager,


“We would love to work with you as a resource to make sure that our product meets the standards of someone who relies on the accessibility of training materials.”

Kelly Neyland, Account Manager, knowbly

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