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Our Learning & Development experience and accessibility expertise make us the leading providers of eLearning accessibility consultancy. We offer a range of consultancy packages with different levels of support designed to meet all of your eLearning accessibility needs.

Example consultancy services

Essential content creation

  • Full needs analysis
  • 1 day eLearning accessibility training (includes eLearning accessibility fundamentals and further steps)
  • 1 day follow up consultancy and troubleshooting support

Premium content creation

  • Full needs analysis
  • 1 day eLearning accessibility training
  • 2 days follow up consultancy and troubleshooting support
  • Accessibility overview report of eLearning content

Enterprise content creation

  • Full needs analysis
  • Half day team awareness raising training
  • 1 day eLearning accessibility training
  • 3 day follow up consultancy and trouble shooting support
  • Full WCAG 2.1 audit of eLearning content

Our consultancy features

The range of services we offer at eLaHub mean that we are best placed to offer high quality and effective consultancy services for all of your eLearning accessibility needs. Our consultancy packages can be focused on supporting accessible eLearning content creation and we also offer remediation services to help organisations tackle the issues surrounding existing non-accessible learning content. Helping our clients develop team and organisational strategies to ensure the long term success of eLearning initiatives is another service we specialise in. Our Essential, Premium and Enterprise packages allow you to easily select the level of support you need, but we also offer fully bespoke solutions.

eLearning content creation

We understand that creating accessible learning content can seem like an overwhelming and unachievable task. We are experts in evaluating organisational accessibility needs and ensuring that the solutions we offer are targeted and pragmatic. Our packages typically include a training focus to ensure that we empower organisations to develop and upskill their staff enabling them to become confident eLearning accessibility practitioners.

eLearning content remediation

Often the most pressing accessibility problems for organsiations is the need to remediate existing content. We provide a range of support including evaluating the accessibility of legacy content, creating a ‘quick win’ action plan and implementing a long term strategy.

Team and organisational accessibility strategy

To ensure that any eLearning accessibility initiatives are successful in the long term it is essential that they are supported at both team and organisational level. Our strategy services allow you to develop a clear roadmap for accessibility in your team ensuring that a commitment to accessibility will be maintained and is not dependent on individuals. With our partners we also deliver organisational digital accessibility strategy support to ensure that acessibility considerations are embedded into your ‘business as usual’ processes.

Assessing your organisation’s accessibility maturity

Based on: US GSA: Assessing Section 508 Program Maturity

Image shows:
There are four stages shown on the diagram, starting with the lowest and moving to the highest level of maturity. The first three are considered “At risk”, while the fourth is considered to be “Managing risk”. Level 1 is Ad Hoc with no formal policies, process or procedures defined. Level 2 is Planned with policies, processes and procedures defined and communicated. Level 3 is Resourced with resources committed and/or staff trained to implement policies, processes and procedures. Level 4 is Measured with validation performed and results measured and tracked.

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“Susi’s consultancy was invaluable and made us totally re-evaluate our approach to accessibility. As our customers wake up to the need for inclusive learning her help and advice has really paid off. Accessibility has become one of our main selling points.”


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