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Susi is an industry leading expert on eLearning accessibility and a passionate advocate for digital accessibility. She regularly delivers webinars, podcasts, panel discussions and articles for L&D and accessibility events and publications.

Speaking and advocacy services


  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Q&A sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Interviews
  • Speaker support

Webinars - e.g.

  • What new accessibility regulations mean for the L&D industry
  • Accessible or interactive? Pick any 2!
  • Busting the top 10 eLearning accessibility myths
  • Accessibility for trainers and facilitators
  • Why it’s time to re-think eLearning accessibility in further & higher ed

Articles - e.g.

  • Is accessible learning content better for everyone?
  • How accessible eLearning promotes disability equality in the workplace
  • How will new digital accessibility regulations impact the eLearning sector?
  • Why we need more than 'tips' on eLearning accessibility

Our speaking and advocacy services

Our mission at eLaHub is to make learning content accessible as the default so that no one is unnecessarily excluded or denied their potential to succeed. This makes us passionate advocates for eLearning accessibility and is reflected in the many speaking activities, webinars and articles we contribute to both the L&D and accessibility communities.

Featured event


eLaHub is regularly asked to contribute to speaking events as an advocate for eLearning accessibility. As our reputation grows, Susi is fast becoming the ‘go to’ expert for all things eLearning accessibility. She was selected to take part in the Shared Platform VOICE programme created to harness the potential of women in digital and tech to share conference and events platforms and find their own voices.

Webinars and presentations

As a trainer with over 30 years’ experience, Susi’s webinars and presentations are always engaging, interactive and well received. She has a reputation for focusing on the human impact of accessibility and of bringing it to life.


Explore some examples of our contributions to eLearning accessibility thought leadership.

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“Susi did a fantastic job presenting how to make accessible eLearning interactive. The feedback from clients has been amazing. That’s why we’re delighted to have her back speaking at our company conference. She is a fan favorite!”

Christie Calahan
Director of Marketing, eLearning Brothers

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