eLearning accessibility testing and auditing services - eLaHub

eLaHub provide unique eLearning accessibility and testing and auditing services for organisations seeking to audit and remediate their learning content.  Our accessibility expertise and extensive L&D experience allow us to identify any accessibility issues, and provide invaluable guidance on improving the effectiveness, usability and learner experience of resources. We also offer support to help organisations remediate their learning content.

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Snapshot audits

  • Cost-effective solution for organisations looking to gauge the accessibility of their resources without the need for a full auditing service. 
  • Tests against WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA requirements but identifies a maximum of 10 issues.
  • Issues identified focus on any WCAG violations.
  • Also includes accessibility and usability recommendations.

Overview audits

  • Provides a comprehensive report detailing all WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA violations.
  • Includes accessibility and usability recommendations and tool specific suggested solutions for remediation.
  • For requirements which relate to underlying coding and mobile conformance and are the responsibility of the authoring tool provider, eLaHub refer to the tool conformance report.

Full technical audits

  • Provides all the features and benefits of eLaHub overview audit.
  • Also tests for coding and mobile conformance WCAG requirements, as opposed to relying on the tool’s conformance report.
  • Useful for content created using an authoring tool without an accessibility conformance report.
  • Also popular with organisations who require extra reassurance of WCAG compliance for legal reasons.

Auditing key features

For many years organisations who wanted to audit the accessibility of learning content have had to rely on the services of companies who only deliver standard website accessibility audits. In the case of learning content which is generally created using authoring tools this can result in costly technical reports which focus on coding issues that content authors have little control over.

Our approach at eLaHub is different. In addition to accessibility expertise, our auditors all have a background in Learning and Development. Our assistive technology experts also have a lived experience of a disability. This ensures that we are industry leaders in providing learning content specific accessibility audits which are actionable, practical guides. We identify any accessibility issues, but also offer guidance on improving the effectiveness, usability and learner experience of resources.

Our three targeted auditing solutions allow us to accommodate the needs of all of our clients.

Remediation key features

Often the most pressing accessibility problems for organsiations is the need to remediate existing content. We provide targeted support to remediate specific issues or interactivities which are not accessible. In addition we can also help organisations who need help remediating existing courses which need to be made accessible. A key feature of our remediation service is also to support organisations to provide an accessibility statement which documents and provides solutions for any limitations which are caused by tool or other constraints.