3.2.3 Consistent Navigation - Level AA - eLaHub

Make sure that navigation items such as buttons are in the same place, and in the same order, in your eLearning resource.

How do I comply?

  • Navigation items are forward and back buttons, search fields etc.
  • If your rapid authoring tool allows you to add your own navigation items, make sure that they are in the same place, and in the same order, throughout your eLearning resource. This should be the case, even if you add a new item.
  • If you use a menu, make sure it is in the same place on each page. Also make sure that the items in the menu are repeated in the same order on each page.
  • The only exception to this standard, is if you allow the learner to change the order or position of the navigation items themselves. For example, by setting preferences etc.


  • All of your learners will benefit from clear and consistent navigation.
  • People with cognitive impairments which affect concentration may find it particularly distracting if the navigation is not clear and consistent.
  • People who use screen readers find it much easier to navigate through an eLearning resource, if they can predict where navigational elements will appear. 
  • People who use a screen magnifier, and may only be able to see a portion of the screen at a time, also benefit from being able to predict where navigational elements will appear.

eLaHub examples

1. Author created consistent navigation

(No audio)

Consistent navigation and quiz feedback

Video shows:
A learner using eLearning resource about health and safety. It shows a menu which is consistent with the topics on the home page. It also shows consistent navigation and quiz feedback which is also good practice.

2. Author tool created consistent navigation

(No audio)

Consistent navigation

Video shows:
A learner using an eLearning resource about accessibility. The learner selects items from a menu on the right of the screen. This menu is always visible and items remain in the same order as they select different topics in the course.

How can I test?

View your eLearning resource and make sure that your navigation is consistent, even if you have added new navigation items during the course.

Further information

Useful links

  • Demonstration of screen magnifier software video
    Demonstration of Zoom Text screen magnifier. A useful video to see the magnification which some learners will apply to your eLearning resource. This makes it vital to have consistent navigation as these learners often rely on the position of navigation items in relation to other items and their position on the page to help them to navigate.

WCAG information

Guideline3.2 Predictable
Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.
WCAG link
3.2.3 Consistent Navigation (Level AA)
WCAG textNavigational mechanisms that are repeated on multiple Web pages within a set of Web pages occur in the same relative order each time they are repeated, unless a change is initiated by the user.

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