1. eLearning accessibility statement - Advisory - eLaHub

Add an accessibility statement to tell your learners how your eLearning resource is accessible.

What can I do?

  • Help all of your learners by adding an accessibility statement to your eLearning resources.
  • If possible include the following information:
    • How the resource is accessible.
    • Any parts of the resource which are not accessible and why.
    • How people with accessibility requirements can access alternative accessible content if necessary.
    • How people can contact your organisation to report any accessibility problems.
  • The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations require each organisation to produce an accessibility statement for all of their services.  This recommendation echoes that good practice.


  • An accessibility statement helps improve the user experience of disabled learners by detailing what is not achievable in the eLearning resource, thereby saving time and frustration.
  • It gives links to alternative accessible content where relevant.
  • It also gives learners the opportunity to contact someone if they have any accessibility issues.

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