Thank You John! & Congratulations

Step #1

Receive your order confirmation and welcome emails.

You will shortly receive Your DALC Programme order confirmation email from

You will also receive a Welcome to the eLaHub learning portal email from the eLaHub learning portal.

Note: These emails may take up to 10-15 minutes to be delivered. Please check in your Junk/Spam folder if they fail to arrive after then.

Step #2

Complete the set-up of your account.

Open the Welcome to the eLaHub learning portal email to find step by step instructions. These will give you your username and explain how to access the portal, set your password and begin the programme.

Step #3

Sign in and begin learning with the DALC Programme!

Once you have completed the set-up of your account you can sign into the eLaHub learning portal and begin the programme.

Note: You can also access the programme directly from the Start Course link in Your Order Details below. But don’t forget to set your username and password by following the instructions from the Welcome to the eLaHub eLearning portal email for when you want to return to the programme.

Contact if you have any issues or queries

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