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Our digital accessibility awareness training courses are for organisations who want to ensure that accessibility principles are embedded throughout their workforce. Our introductory course offers an excellent overview of the case for accessibility and the benefits it can bring. Our first steps course offers a deeper-dive into practical ways all organisations can make their digital content more inclusive to everyone.

1. Digital accessibility awareness raising workshop

Key features

eLaHub’s organisational introduction to digital awareness course ensures that accessibility transformation initiatives have the best possible chance of long-term success by training all staff on the case for and the many benefits of digital accessibility. It is a 1.5 hour interactive workshop delivered via the Zoom platform. As well as focusing on the case for accessibility the course also encourages practical accessibility by focusing on a few key ‘micro-commitments which everyone can implement throughout their digital content.

Course content

  • Ethical, legal, business and learning case for accessibility.
  • Introduction to assistive technology.
  • Common accessibility myths and misconceptions.
  • Permanent, temporary and situational access needs.
  • Implementing accessibility.

2. First steps in implementing digital accessibility

Key features

eLaHub’s organisational First steps in implementing digital accessibility course ensures that everyone involved in creating any kind of online content are able to make that content inclusive and barrier free. It is a 3 hour interactive workshop delivered via Zoom. The course focuses on 8 key digital accessibility principles which are applicable to a wide range of content and will have a significant beneficial impact on the digital experience of both your customers and staff. It is a great first-step to implementing practical accessibility.

Course content

  • Introduction to assistive technology
  • Color contrast to meet accessibility standards
  • Avoiding colour alone to communicate meaning
  • Creating accessible hyperlinks
  • Heading, tables and lists for assistive technology
  • Writing effective alternative text
  • Creating captions and transcripts
  • Improving the readability of resources

“A brilliant and very memorable session. We loved the way Susi built empathy – she really got the group to see beyond the technical guidelines to understand the human impact. Really powerful. Brilliant facilitation and design skills.”

Simon Greany
Chief Learning Officer, Elucidat

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