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Explain all unusual words and abbreviations.

What can I do?

  • Unusual words
    Explain any words which are difficult to understand e.g. idioms and jargon. You can do this in several ways e.g.
    • Add a definition just after you have used the word. You could do this in the same sentence, or in a separate sentence.
    • Add a link to a definition on another page.
    • Add a link to a definition in a glossary.
  • Abbreviations
    The first time you use an abbreviation, write out the words first, and then put the abbreviation in brackets directly afterwards. You can then continue to use the abbreviation by itself throughout the resource.


Both these recommendations improve the readability of your content and benefit all learners. However, learners with cognitive impairments, and some second language learners particularly benefit from explanations of unusual words and abbreviations.

eLaHub examples

1. Authoring tool glossary

Some authoring tools give you the option to create a course glossary.

A glossary which is automatically provided for a course using the CourseArc tool.

Course glossary

2. Glossary pages

Another option is to create a link to a definition on another page.

A manually created page which gives a definition of what accessibility means.

Glossary page

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